Drill Team and Friday Night Lights

As my oldest daughter entered high school, my husband and I became super involved with the drill team.  I fell in love with football season and halftime!! How could you not love photographing sparkles!!!

Time after time, I would photograph a young girl, and I would immediately hear “Mrs Graves, I don’t like being in pictures.”   They would share their insecurities…they didn’t like their smile, their size, their hair.  

But game after game, I continued to photograph these energetic girls dressed in red sparkles cheering and dancing for their football team!!!! Finally one asked me if they could see the picture I just took!  I had to say yes!!!! This young girl finally saw her pictures as beautiful!!!! 

I had a new mission in photography!!! To make everyone feel beautiful in their pictures!   It’s not magic… it’s just helping people realize their inner beauty!!!


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