Cherish Every Moment

I have been reminded this week, why I do photography. I first started my business because it was my passion and love. I loved capturing the moment that would be remembered in print forever.

As time went on, I tried to grow my business and push to become what others were. I increased prices to compete in the market. I added galleries and choices of prints to my package. As I tried new things, I lost why I truly created RTM by Erica.

I created my business for those that couldn’t afford great pictures. The families that wanted Senior Portraits, but couldn’t afford the fancy studios. I wanted to capture that special smirk or smile that makes parents say…”That’s it”

So I had the wonderful opportunity to capture sweet family pictures last spring. 4 generations of family that came together because 2 people fell in love! This week that family lost one of those loves ones. They now have those photos to cherish and remember him.


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