They Don’t Always Smile

Sometimes they don’t smile for the camera. And you know what, that’s ok.  This photo tells me so much more.  I have had the incredible joy to capture the moments with this little boy several times.  He does not have a big smile, but he has a huge personality.  He is smart, curious, and knows details about the little things.   He loves the dirt at the parks, he loves to throw rocks in the puddles, and he has the sweetest laugh.  Sometimes, when we stop long enough to watch, we can find pure joy in our children’s experiences. They may get all sweaty, dirty, and they won’t pose like you want them to, but wow, what we captured that day is priceless.

I know we all want our kiddos to smile big when we are taking pictures, trust me!  But what you have with poses like this, are genuine faces that you will remember when they are Seniors in high school. 


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