How it all got started

My photography journey got started many years ago with just an afternoon of family pictures.  After traveling to Pennsylvania to visit family, we decided to take a few photos.  My daughter had a new pink dress with white lacy socks and white patent shoes.  I was just hoping to get a really great picture before she lost all interest.  Let’s just say, I had to work a lot harder to get her to smile than I ever had before.

little girl holding a football; family photos; smile;

After trying bribery and giving up on fixing her socks so they were still folded just the right way…I threw up my hands and gave up. Then my Dad stepped in (to the rescue) and put his hat on her head.  She found the football that had been tossed around the yard earlier that day and all of a sudden we had a smile.  

Without her knowing a thing, because Grand-daddy had her complete attention, I got the picture!!!

A little later that afternoon, we headed to the old Pharmacy store to get the film developed. (yes film) I’m sure it was a day or so later, and I returned to pick up my pictures.  I was met with a smile and a request to display my photo in their photo area!!!! What???? Never in a million years did I ever expect my photos to be display worthy.  (Other than the grandparents that displayed all of them) 😉

It sparked a desire in me!  I began studying and trying everything I could to capture the perfect pictures.  12 years later, RTM by Erica was established.


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