Wedding Day at it’s Best

It was truly an honor for RTM by Erica photography to be a part of this wedding day. Josh and Haley were the sweetest couple to capture wedding day photos of. I met them at their venue, The Barn at Watson Ranch in Cleburne. It is a beautiful property with the best barn for your western styled ceremony.

I spent some time taking photos of their rings, bouquets, and vow books while the bridal party got ready. Josh and Haley had a wooden board for their guests to sign. What a wonderful way to remember the guests at your wedding.

wedding photos; rings; bridal bouquet

The groomsmen were ready first, so I headed upstairs to photograph the guys. They were hanging out and playing pool. The groom’s room has a western bar theme. There were leather couches, a pool table, and a bar. They also had access to the balcony that was perfect for overlooking the lake on the property.

groomsmen; boots and hat

When I finished taking photos of the groomsmen, the bridesmaids were ready to help the bride put her dress on. Across the balcony I went to enter the Bridal Suite. The bridesmaids were wearing a pretty teal dress and they helped Haley get into her wedding dress. Wedding photos that capture the entire day is always my goal. Capturing Haley’s reflection in the large white mirror is one my favorites of the day.

 wedding dress; dress and veil

A few minutes before the ceremony began, Josh and Haley had a private reading of their vows. I chose a spot that was perfect for these special photos. The grounds at Watson Ranch have beautiful locations for wedding photos. The couple stood back to back and read their vows to each other. This was a special and private moment for just the 2 of them. I was privileged to be a part of this. Using my zoom lens allowed me to keep my distance but still capture the moment.

 vows; Remember the Moments

The ceremony was beautiful. The tables were pushed to the side, and Haley walked up the center aisle with her brothers. The groom’s father met her half way and escorted her the rest of the way, We captured wedding photos of the families outside after the ceremony. After dinner was served, the couple cut their cake, had a toast, and finished the evening with dancing. Congratulations Josh and Haley! Thank you for allowing me to capture your special moments.

last look; Remember the Moments

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