Why choose RTM by Erica?

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Does anyone else remember wanting a pair of Guess jeans? Oh to have a pair of jeans with the cool little triangle on the back pocket. But the price tag!!!  As a kid, you want what the cool kids have. You want the “branding” on your wardrobe. The jeans, the shoes, the purse! But what about having twice as many clothes without the label. What about 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one? Why not. The off brand labels last just as long and let’s face it…most of the time, no one notices. This is true for photographers.

RTM by Erica logo

Like clothing, photographers have their own branding. There are name brand large industry companies that have bells and whistles inside their studios. They create beautiful photos, but often with a huge price tag. As I started my photography business, the designer label was my competition.

RTM by Erica was created as an alternative to big brand photography. I kept hearing parents and senior students saying that they weren’t having senior photos done due to the cost. They needed a photographer to capture the memories they so desperately wanted, but with an affordable price tag.

A photo shoot with RTM by Erica includes full attention by me. I like to change the backdrop when I can, so we will move a little bit throughout the park or location of choice. You will have numerous poses included in your digital portfolio. And you won’t have to choose! The digitals are all yours! And…fully edited without extra fees. RTM by Erica doesn’t carry the big logo, but give me a try!

I love getting to know the families that I photograph.  My favorite part of the day is when I get to witness the shy smiles turn to laughter.  As I spend more time with them, I finally capture that perfect look that says it all. Try RTM by Erica and let me help you Remember the Moments.

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